Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard of Chicago Wonders Why so many Dryer Vent Fires

Dryer vent cleaning is the number one way to eliminate dryer fire hazards. Over 15,000 clothes dryer fires are reported each year, causing major damage to homes, loss of lives and many injuries. Most of these fires were caused by failure to clean dryer vents.

There are many different companies who provide dryer vent cleaning and installation services. The internet is flooded with articles and blogs all warning consumers about the danger of clogged dryer vents; not to mention the increase in utility expenses when clothes dryers are not venting properly.

So Many Dryer Vent Cleaners; Yet, So Many Dryer Vent fires

Murphysboro, IL: A crew of electric company linemen helped save a home from total devastation by fighting flames until the firemen arrived. The fire started in a lint-clogged dryer vent and spread through the wall. The workmen’s efforts minimized the potential damage that could have been caused.

Rockford, IL: A clogged dryer vent was the cause of a fire which broke out at around 1:15am. Firefighters found heavy flames in the attic; extensive damage was done to the home.

Carol Stream, IL: Though the fire was confined to the dryer, in the laundry room, over $5,000 in smoke damage was done to the home.

Dryer fires are caused by a combination of heat and blockage of air flow. If there is a lint build-up in the system then you have the combustibles needed to start a fire.

Check the internet and you will find several dryer vent cleaning companies in your area. With so many dryer vent cleaners, there is no reason for so many dryer vent fires. Annual dryer vent cleaning is the number one way to prevent clothes dryer fires. Have a dryer vent specialist inspect your dryer vent system to be sure it is safe and your dryer is operating efficiently.

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