The Chicago Wizard is Ranting, Raving and Venting about Dryer Vent Cleaning in Cook County

There is a man on a mission to prevent clothes dryer fires in Chicago. He is a dryer vent cleaning and dryer exhaust specialist who is concerned with the safety of consumers and business owners in his community. Some say he is constantly ranting, raving and “venting” about dryer vent cleaning. The Chicago Wizard vents:

Dryer Vents and Ducts

Your clothes dryer requires proper air-flow in order to do its job efficiently. The dryer vent and exhaust duct is responsible for removing heat, moisture and lint from your laundry as it dries. Hot moist lint that escapes the lint screen often ends up stuck to the sides of the dryer exhaust duct; though some will make it to the vent outdoors.

Dryer vents and ducts are also responsible for removing gas by-products from your home; if you have a gas dryer, poor venting can result in carbon monoxide leaking into your home.

Lint Build-up Restricts Air-flow

Eventually, trapped lint will build up in the dryer duct, or inside the dryer near the motor, causing the dryer to work harder to do its job. The harder the dryer is working, the more you are spending on energy to operate the dryer, and the greater the chances are that the dryer will break down. Dryer vent cleaning helps to save energy and reduce the need for repair expenses as it prolongs the life of the dryer.

When the dryer is taking more than one cycle to properly dry a load of clothes, chances are likely that the ducts are clogged with lint. Heat and moisture cannot escape the dryer drum. You may also notice that clothes are very hot when you remove them, or that the outside of the dryer is very hot.

When lint is allowed to build up to the point of restricting air-flow it causes overheating which eventually leads to a fire. The lint is very combustible; therefore, fuel for a fire that will spread quickly.

Properly Installed

In addition to proper maintenance, a dryer duct and vent system must meet current safety standards. Too many people are still using the old plastic, vinyl or flexible foil type of venting for their dryers. These are no longer considered to be safe for several reasons.

Vinyl or Plastic deteriorates, cracks and breaks
The flexible foil type is easily crushed or bent, restricting air flow and trapping lint
Excess venting material is often coiled or stuffed behind the dryer, trapping hot air, moisture and lint

Use of incorrect venting materials can void the warranty on your dryer

These are just a few of the problems associated with an insufficient dryer duct system. The ideal venting is short, has few turns, is smooth inside and is made of solid metal.

Mory Matias is the Chicago Wizard; owner/operator of Dryer Vent Wizard provides dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent repair and dryer vent installation for the Northshore Chicago area, Evanston, Wilmette, Glenview, Deerfield, Gurnee, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Lincolnshire and neighboring cities and communities. Mory provides dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation services while he explains the importance of proper maintenance to his customers.

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